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Artists Statement 

I am an artist and printmaker. My work tackles the themes of journeys through the landscape of urban and rural areas of North-West Britain, and the documentation of the mundane aspects of life that we are numb too, captured in the process of photographing and documenting the everyday life and renewing it through the various methods of printmaking.

We have started to become numb to or disinterested in the everyday landscape. through a series of unplanned adventures, my work explored and depicts the landscape through my personal perspective, recording history and documenting a narrative. I attempt to present the photographic images in a renewed form through print. the process transforms these scenes into something interesting.

The care and attention that is taken into the making of this work is ever present through this personal touch. i chose the print process to highlight how our daily lives, often seen as mundane, can still be an exacting subject to represent.  


Daniel James Callan graduated from University of Salford in 2021. He has appeared in a number of prominent exhibitions in his early years through his studies such as A Postcard from Rochdale, Are We Nearly Their Yet (Bankley Gallery, UK), The Superlative Artistry of Japan ( Salford Museum and Art Gallery), Hotbed Press 20 x 20 Print Exchange, International touring Exhibition 2019/20 and recently appeared in In Manchester, Cotton On Manchester ( Saul Hay Gallery).   


2021 In Manchester, Cotton On Manchester.

2020 Hotbed Press 20 x 20 Print Exchange, International Touring Exhibition..

2020 The Superlative Artistry of Japan, Salford Museum and Art Gallery, Salford.

2019 Are We Nearly There Yet, Bankley Gallery, Levenshulme.

2019 A Postcard From Rochdale, Touchstones Gallery, Rochdale, UK.

2019 Hotbed Press 20 x 20 Print Exchange, International Touring Exhibition.

2017 End of Year Art Foundation Exhibition, Runshaw College, Euxton.

2016 End of Year Fine Art Exhibition, Runshaw Sixth Form College, Leyland.

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